“Seizure Free!”

At about the age of one, Morgan started having seizures. She had run the gamut of medical tests with no viable explanation. After being put on medication, she continued to have the seizures, just not as severe. When she started seeing Dr. Moore the seizures were still uncontrolled, occurring typically 8 times per day after she came home from school. We don’t know how many more she was having during school. During the seizures, she would just zone out and stare ahead unresponsively. Her progress at school was so adversely affected that she had to repeat Kindergarten. She was always quiet and groggy. She never wanted to go out to play at recess but would instead stay back in the classroom with the teacher.

Dr. Moore found misalignment in her neck and started seeing her to correct her subluxations. After her third visit, the seizures stopped! My husband and I were in tears when we were talking about the progress she has made since starting chiropractic care.

After about four weeks she had her follow-up appointment with her medical doctor and told him of her progress. He acknowledged, “I wouldn’t have thought about trying Chiropractic, but whatever works! Let’s reduce her medication in half and see what happens.” With the reduction in medication she has still not had a seizure.

Seeing her now you would not believe she is the same child. She is now known as the socialite of her class. Her classmates comment that “Morgan is talking to us now!” and plays with everyone at recess. She has a sparkle in her eyes now. She is not only reading up a storm but can now concentrate and retain what she has read. She has not only caught up with her grade level, she has risen from 2nd from the bottom to 2nd. from the top!


“First Time She Fought An Ear Infection On Her Own”

My daughter, Jaiden, is 3 years old and has been fairly healthy since birth. She began daycare when she was 2 3/4 years old. Since starting daycare, she had 3 ear infections in 3 months requiring antibiotics each time. She began getting her 4th ear infection and was complaining yet again of ear pain and difficulty sleeping.

I decided to bring her into Dr. Moore to have her adjusted. Sure enough, Jaiden was out of alignment in her neck, causing blockage and thus the body’s inability to conquer the ear infections. Dr. Moore adjusted her and stated she may get a low grade fever for a few hours afterwards because the body would now be recognizing the ear infection was present. That evening she did, in fact, get a low grade fever and finally slept through the night. The next day I asked her if her ear was hurting and she said “no”. That was the first time she was able to fight an ear infection on her own. I now take her in regularly to keep her body in balance. Being that she is 3 years old, she is always falling, tumbling, and jumping and chiropractic care is a way of keeping her body in alignment.

Cindy L.

“I Never Dreamed I Could Run A Marathon”

Knee and back pain was seriously limiting one of my favorite recreational activities: running. Each time my foot struck the ground the pain was unbearable. I tried assisted stretch, physical therapy and even other chiropractors.

It wasn’t until I started coming to Moore Chiropractic on a regular regime of adjustments that I started really improving. As the pain lessened, I was able to increase my mileage on a regular basis. On October 5, I completed my very first marathon and even qualified for the Boston Marathon!

I never dreamed I could run a marathon and I want to convey my happiness with the wonderful results I have achieved with Moore Chiropractic.

Cindy M.


Chiropractic is like a miracle drug. I have had a great experience after chiropractic. While on vacation I was whipped around at the water slides. Before my visit I had a headache. After my adjustment with Dr. Moore my headache was gone within a couple of hours. All better!!!

Greg M

“I Was Really Worried About My Daughter’s Health”

My daughter, Mikayla, has suffered from chronic ear infections since she was 6 months old. The pediatrician put her on antibiotics for eleven months straight and it never helped. Mikayla was always sick, in and out of the hospital with RSV Roda Virus and she even had MRSA before the age of five, all due to a low immune system from having way too many antibiotics when she was a toddler. I didn’t know any better. She was our first child and we just listened to the doctor thinking he was making the best decision for her. At the age of five she had no hearing due to her chronic ear infections in both ears. She went in for surgery to have tubes put in her ears to allow them to drain properly. I thought that was going to be the start of a new beginning for Mikayla, but once her tubes came out, we were back in the same boat again. Mikayla was getting ear infections again and back on antibiotics. I was really worried about my daughter’s health, wondering what was in store for Mikayla’s future.

Then I found Dr. Moore for my own needs. I told him about Mikayla and all we had been through with her. He then told me he would like to try to help Mikayla. It really left a question in my mind, could this man really help my daughter. At that point, I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try. I brought my daughter to Dr. Moore and that was the day of Mikayla’s true beginning of a new outlook on her future. Mikayla no longer takes medicine of any kind. She has been free of sickness for over a year now and we owe it all to Dr. Moore and the Chiropractic family.

Amanda F.

“Achieved My Lifetime Goal”

Over the years, I have had problems with my back. I have taken all kinds of medicine to help “mask” the pain. The pain would go away, finally, but would reoccur from time to time. I increased my exercising activity and that seemed to strengthen my muscles. My back problem still came back on occasions. If I lifted something wrong, it would “go out” on me and it would sometimes take weeks or months for it to subside. I felt like I would have to live with it forever.

In March of 2001, I first went to Dr. Moore’s practice because I had strained my back once again. I was in desperation this time, because I was at the end of a 10-week training program to run the Boston Marathon. I had qualified just 3 months earlier at California International Marathon and this was my lifetime goal. Running Boston Marathon was a goal I had set for myself even before I ran my first marathon in 1999. The Boston Marathon was only 3 weeks away and I could not run! It hurt too much. A good friend had been seeing Dr. Moore on a regular basis and would tell me that he really helper her out. I called her in desperation one day and asked her for his phone number. I was so injured that I had to lift my left leg into the car. I just knew that Boston was not going to happen.

The first visit to Dr. Moore’s office, I was so thrilled! I immediately felt relief from the first adjustment. Because I had ran with my back out, I had strained the muscles in my hip, but the back pain was much, much better. After several trips to see Dr. Moore over that next couple of weeks, I continued to see improvement.

Three weeks later, I was able to run Boston Marathon and since that time, I continue to see Dr. Moore for minor adjustments. Each time, I leave this office feeling “new” again, and have continued running.

I have gone back two more times and ran the Boston Marathon, and I thank Dr. Moore for making that happen. I’m 53 years old and feel 20 years younger. I owe that to Dr. Moore. My quality of life is so much better now. My back muscles are stronger and with continued occasional visits, I have little problems with my back and neck.

Debbie M.

“I Now Have Warm Feet And The Use Of My Arm Again”

I was paralyzed from my waist down and have gone to chiropractors all my life. As I got older (86) I have arthritis. Then I fell and pinched nerves causing my arm to go dead from lack of circulation. Also my feet were cold all the time.

Thanks to Dr. Moore I now have warm feet and the use of my arm again. I still have severe curvature from when I was paralyzed but with Dr. Moore’s help I’m feeling better.

Thank you Dr. Moore!

Millie A.

“Able To Enjoy The Rest Of My Vacation”

My first contact with Dr. Moore occurred when I was vacationing in Redding. My back went into spasms and I was unable to do anything. Dr. Moore worked on my back and I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation.

Dr. Moore and chiropractic has enabled me to function normally. He has made a big difference in my physical health and well-being. Being treated by Dr. Moore on a regular basis has enabled me to pursue my passion for bass fishing!

Barry N.

“He Can Ease The Pain”

It is great knowing I can go in and see Dr. Moore if I have a problem and he can ease the pain!

I started seeing Dr. Moore because I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Later I started having trouble with my hands. I ended up giving up golf, fishing and even had trouble doing my job. Dr. Moore was able to steer me toward what I needed to do. After a lot of tests it was diagnosed as carpal tunnel. I had to have cortisone shots but Dr. Moore has been able to continue treatment on my wrists.

By having my adjustments, I am able to work, fish and play golf. Knowing if I have a problem I can go in and see Dr. Moore and he can ease the pain. I thank Dr. Moore for finding the problem. It is nice to be back having fun again.

Jerry F.